-Baco Kenya today had an open discussion with Brights tar students. The topics shared were the effects of drugs on mental health and the ways to overcome the drug addiction.BACO discovered that most students get into drug abuse because of pear influence.

  There are many reasons that teenagers turn to drugs or alcohol. Some individuals are just curious and want to experiment with these substances while others do so because they are uncomfortable or self-conscious. However, a large proportion of teenagers abuse substances such as alcohol or drugs because of peer pressure or bullying.

In a recent survey of young children and teenagers, it was found that children as young as eleven are already drinking alcohol and that they are five times more likely to try it if their friends are already drinking.

Most people imagine a group of teenagers egging one another on when they think of peer pressure. They assume that one person is pushed into drinking or taking drugs by a group of friends, but it is not always as obvious as this. It could be that a group of teenagers are discussing their plans for the weekend with the majority of them saying they are going to a party and are going to be drinking. When one person says they are going to stay at home to study instead, the others will roll their eyes or whisper among themselves. The student who was planning to study may then feel under pressure to go to the party and drink just to prove how cool he or she really is.

Or it could be that everyone laughs when one teenager refuses to drink at a party. This individual may then feel embarrassed and will take the drink even if he or she really doesn't want it.

-Also today, the Director of fortune medical center Doctor ojowo visited our office and pledged support and partnership with his hospital.

BACO kenya Exucutive Director, Kennedy okanga presented a number of issues to Dr. Ojowo which we believe if given consideration WI have an impact on many lives.We are looking forward to engaging more professionals as volunteers and donors to support our work.