Background Information

A BOUT BACO Suicide is an important cause of death and disability globally. According to WHO, about 800,000 people die of suicide each year [that is one person every 40 seconds].In Kenya, about 1408 people commit suicide yearly, or 4 deaths daily. The penalty in the Kenyan law for attempting suicide and the higher level of stigmatization makes it almost impossible for one to report suicide cases. This means there could be more suicide deaths unreported. There is a clear link between suicide and mental disorders, particularly depression. Recent WHO report ranked Kenya as the sixth African country with the highest levels of depression with at least 1.9 million Kenyans diagnosed with depression. Berean anti-suicide and counseling organization [BACO], was therefore formed to take care of the minds and prevent suicides among teens and young adults.

This non charitable organization was formed on 10th of September 2019 which also the global world suicide awareness day. BACO works together on various programs with the community, high school and colleges to ensure they grow mentally healthy and to create awareness on drugs misuse and substance abuse. The services are run by volunteers and sustained through donations by well-wishers and through partnership with other organizations.

    Our vision

  • To have a future where high school and college students have a system which supports mental health and reduces the risks of substance abuse and suicide.
  • To have a future where our teens and young adults are well equipped to handle mental health challenges.
  • To have a future where mental health is not associated with secrecy or prejudice.

Our mission

  • To provide emotional support for people feeling depressed and with suicidal thoughts.
  • To create awareness on drug misuse and substance abuse among teens and young adults.


  • Suicide is preventable
  • We listen to the victim without prejudice and ensure high level of confidence

Our programs

  • Providing emotional support through counseling and provision of resources.
  • Creating awareness on suicide and its prevention.
  • Creating awareness on drug misuse and substance abuse.
  • NB/our programs are carried out throughout the country and in each of the 47 counties. Our resources are available online besides physical distribution..

Our Team